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February 28, 2017

Filtered Perth: January and February Moments

I sometimes wonder if this blog is still relevant now that I'm no longer living in Japan.  I am aware that my posts have become less interesting (or at least less regular) since I said sayonara to the enchanting Land of the Rising Sun and returned Down Under.

But it's not like since I returned to Australia I've stopped taking photos or going on adventures (where possible)... and it has become a deeply ingrained habit of mine to bookend each adventure with a blog post. So I don't think I'll stop just yet.  Would you like to hear about January and February in Perth?

2017 announced itself with a handful of confetti and some great news. Soon after the new year began, we were given the keys to our new apartment. We got to work immediately with renovations: painting, pulling up the floor, changing light fittings and shower fittings, fixing broken things and making the place our own.

Every weekend since has been dedicated to our new place. We've been to Bunnings and IKEA more times than desired, and to every corner of Perth visiting secondhand "Gumtree" sellers' homes to pick up furniture in our small but spacious Honda Jazz. But (no surprises here) all the effort was worth it. We are now living in an apartment that really feels like home. The sunsets here are beyond dreamy. It's totally 幸せ!

Interspersed with all of the house stuff, we've been busy with trips to Fringe World festival, outdoor cinemas, gigs, dinners, celebrating Valentine's Day and birthdays, and swimming in the pool at any chance we get. The weather has been alternating between super hot and cool & stormy, which is strange considering the usually blistering summers of Perth. We've had heavy rains and strong winds, and dry days in the 40s. I check the weather forecast more than usual. Work has been very busy and I've just gotten some exciting news about an upcoming international work trip in April. Flights have been booked and I am so positive about the opportunity. I also cannot wait to take heaps of photographs in new cities and new countries.

Life has been so hectic in the best possible way, but I am certainly looking forward to things calming down. Right now we're just keeping our heads above the water, but I'm so keen to settle down and catch up on hobbies: indigo dyeing, stamp carving, drawing, playing music and swing dancing... to name a few.

I haven't had my camera on me constantly, but here are some moments from January and February in Perth. There are a lot of sunset shots... you may just have to get used to that.

Thanks for reading ありがとう!

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  1. adorabe pics of cats on floor, beautiful colors of sunset shining in all their glory, and books. loads and loads of books. Can it really get better than that.