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December 3, 2016

Pip & Pop "When Happiness Ruled" at PICA

After years of loving Pip & Pop's work, I finally was able to see her exhibition "When Happiness Ruled" at PICA today. It was sugary, glittery dreaminess 💖✨ Lately I've been feeling more settled in our new (old) home in Australia. Being able to go to events like this makes me happy to be in Perth, and I'm looking forward to the summer months ahead.


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  2. Hello ;) I'm Saya from Japan. I realized that there are a lot of beautiful places I've never been in Japan by reading your articles. Thank you!

    I really love your photos! So colorful and beautiful.
    What kind of camera do you usually use? I would like to know the name of manufacturer.

    1. Hi Saya! Thanks for your lovely comment! My current camera is a Sony "DSC-RX100M3" model. It's very compact and reliable :)

      By the way, I just checked out your blog and saw you're from Yamaguchi. It's one of my favourite places to visit!!

    2. Hi ;) Thank you very much your kind reply.
      I will check the model out on the internet and thank you for your good information.

      Yeah, I'm from Yamaguchi! I have not been back there for ages, and missing so much :( I'm really happy to hear that <3