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October 24, 2016

Antiques and a Train : Sunday in Guildford

A nostalgic visit to our wedding venue, a morning rummaging in antique shops, followed by lunch in a restored train carriage. Guildford treated us to a delightful Sunday morning, topping off a great weekend. 

On a whim, we turned off the main road on the way to Guilford so that we could pay a return visit to the place where we spent the happiest day two years ago. Our wedding was one of the last to happen at the venue as the land was bought for property development. Over those two years, the building has been abandoned, graffiti'd, and nature has begun to reclaim its place as the garden grows wild. 

It was a little heartbreaking to see the place in disrepair, but I'm very grateful that the building was still standing for our visit. The memories and emotions of the day came back to me instantly as we stepped out of the car. This place has so much meaning to us. I'll be sad when it is no more. 

Wiping away a few stray tears, it was back in the car and on to Guildford where we were greeted with wisteria (which reminded me strongly of springtime in Fukuoka) and antique shops galore.

Last stop - a carriage on a train going nowhere. My dad worked on the restoration of this splendid train carriage for Dome Cafe in Bassendean. It came from Western Australia's first locally built train in 1908. We ordered lunch, drank tea, read books, and listened to music together through a double headphone adapter. I could have stayed all day.

Here are a few bonus shots that are worth including from the last week. My darling Billy pup, with his ever-serious stare. He is the sweetest boy you'll ever meet.

Moss balls known as 苔玉 "kokedama" - we spent our Saturday afternoon in the sun making these little beauties. Our plan was to make them for our Dad's birthdays, but we ended up making heaps more! Hanging and sitting variety both.

Our treasured wedding dolls, at home with a new friend Totoro. These dolls are the handiwork of talented pottery artist and best bud Momoyo Arii. The Totoro is the handiwork of my lovely mama. 

Thanks for reading! ありがとう!

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